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Mudroom Ideas: How to Design a Practical and Beautiful Entryway

Made to weather the heaviest foot traffic and roughest messes in your home, mudrooms and entryways are often as congested as they are neglected. But they don't have to be. With a bit of style and a whole lot of resourcefulness, you can transform this multipurpose room into a functional and beautiful space.

Start with a design theme

Give mud the boot with brush and scraper

Picking a cohesive style can help you make the most of a cramped yet crucial entryway. From a spick-and-span Nautical look to a Rustic or Farmhouse setup, the theme you choose should be closely tied to your outdoor needs and interests.

Yes, it's called a mudroom, but that shouldn't be taken literally. Check mud and other unwanted muck at your door with a traditional (and adorable) hedgehog brush for that cute kitsch factor. If your style leans more on the sporty side (or if you track a lot of mud), opt for a thick and bristly coir-weave mat.

Double up on doormats

Mud, grass, leaves, snow, slush and salt can accumulate all too quickly. Use an outdoor and indoor mat for double coverage. A good mat should be durable but it doesn't have to be dull. Colours and patterns camouflage splotches between washes and add a little pep to your step. Think fade-resistant wild meadow floral, preppy red coir-corded stripes, recycled lobster rope or even personalized greetings.

Cover your tracks with an area rug

Dirt doesn't always stop at the door. Protect your flooring and add a pop of colour to the room with a runner or floor mat. Made with tough and sustainable natural fibres, jute or sisal rugs are a good option—especially since they can be paired with handy sisal or jute baskets. For added floor protection, don't forget a shoe rack or boot tray either.

Outfit with multipurpose furnishings

Every mudroom checklist should include seating, storage, hooks and more storage. Space permitting, opt for pieces like benches offering storage, seats, drawers or cupboards. When looking for the right fittings, leave no bench unturnable. In other words, look for benches offering under-seat storage.

Turn fixtures into features

Mudrooms must be as practical as they are small. Opt for double-duty décor by employing essentials as decorative objects, too. Snowshoes, skis and even skates can be mounted on the wall for added alpine appeal. For tykes-in-training, add a shelf to feature sports trophies, team photos and other memorabilia. If you're a gardener, hang your tools on a painted pegboard for easy access and add shelves for potted plants as desired.

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